The Meaning of Life: Going Deep On A Monday

This is a great message about paying attention to the lessons and messages you encounter in life. Definitely inspirational and worth a read and perhaps a follow.


The meaning of life has long been sought after by many a philosopher over the centuries.  To my knowledge, a solid definition of the meaning of life has yet to be determined.  I don’t see any such definition ever being established, because the meaning of life is an individual experience.

As long as I can remember, I knew that everything happened for a reason.  I was just born with that knowledge. As a frustrated teenager, I understood I had to endure much heartache and pain for a reason.  I just couldn’t figure out the lessons.  The older I got the better I got at understand painful lessons of life.  It made it much more tolerable to endure lessons knowing I was going to take away a piece of useful knowledge for the future.  I found great peace in my suffering by using my life lessons to help others in need. 

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About jordanjaybrodsky

I'm a emotionally, spiritually, and physically fit resident of our crazy pebble-of-a-planet. A spiritual being enjoying a human experience. A recovered alcoholic active in my recovery community, I share my experiences and thoughts in hopes that something I offer makes a difference in someone's life. Or at least makes someone smile. Thanks for letting me share of myself. I appreciate the opportunity.
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