This is a great piece around forgiveness and healing. I am grateful for having read it, and for the person with the courage to write and share it.



A few years ago, I had a falling out with a dear friend, two as matter of fact.  One simply got up one day and walked out of my life after 15 years of friendship.  The other made a grander exit with an enormous scene that impacted my family.  In passing years, it too great courage to forgive those two people.  After all, I, at one point, trusted them with my life.  Never in a million years was I prepared for the betrayals I experienced. 


I spent the first year stewing and being angry.  As time passed, I began to forgive them.  Even though the pain was always there from the hurt I experienced, I could get pass it by remembering fondly the wonderful parts of the friendships.  I choose to remember how much the friendship meant to me, the fun and the support they offered.  I refused to…

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About jordanjaybrodsky

I'm a emotionally, spiritually, and physically fit resident of our crazy pebble-of-a-planet. A spiritual being enjoying a human experience. A recovered alcoholic active in my recovery community, I share my experiences and thoughts in hopes that something I offer makes a difference in someone's life. Or at least makes someone smile. Thanks for letting me share of myself. I appreciate the opportunity.
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