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Should you workout in the morning, afternoon or at night to gain muscle? A lot of people recommend that you should train first thing in the morning, after a good nights rest. Others suggest that you train later in the day when your body is fully awake. Everyone’s body is different. Lots of people like to train right after they wake-up, while others prefer to train later in the day. You should schedule your workout based on your personal preferences. When it comes to working out for gaining muscle, you should listen to your body and workout accordingly.         

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About jordanjaybrodsky

I'm a emotionally, spiritually, and physically fit resident of our crazy pebble-of-a-planet. A spiritual being enjoying a human experience. A recovered alcoholic active in my recovery community, I share my experiences and thoughts in hopes that something I offer makes a difference in someone's life. Or at least makes someone smile. Thanks for letting me share of myself. I appreciate the opportunity.
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